Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

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Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

Post by Zuiquan on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:34 am

We, the officers, are currently developing a semi-simple stat and perk system to enhance our RP and give our characters more personality.

I would like everyone to do the following: Add a paragraph in your character description for stats.
You begin with:


Strength: 1
Agility: 1
Stamina: 1
Intellect: 1

You then have 20 points to distribute among those stats, keeping in mind that 10 is the maximum a stat can reach.

Strength is what you’d expect from the word. This involves anything related to using muscle power to get shit done. Strength based activities include but are not limited to:

Hitting things very hard
Lifting heavy things
Carrying heavy things
Bashing down doors

Strength is best suited to warrior-type melee classes that use big weapons and prefer to face their enemies head on.

Agility: covers a number of different roles associated with classes akin to the ranger and thief. Basically, agility involves any activity that requires very quick movement and attention to detail. Agility based activities include but are not limited to:

Striking enemies in the right place
Being light footed

Stamina relates to how much of a beating you can take before falling over. This doesn’t have as much importance to squishier classes, but to those who intend to get up close and personal with their enemies, Stamina is very important. Stamina is most effective in determining the amount of HP you have in given fights, but stamina related activities include but are not limited to:

Running long distance
Resisting physical and magical attacks
Fighting for long periods of time

Intellect is basically how clever your character is. The more intellect your character has, the more effective things like spellcasting are going to be for your character. This is essential to any class that is going to use spellcasting in their character. Intellect related activities include but are not limited to:

Offensive Spells
Defensive Spells
Utility Spells

All stats will give you certain modifiers to related rolls, which can be both positive and negative based on the value of the stat. For the sake of simplicity, 5 should be cosnidered the "average" value, where you gain neither penalties nor benefits.


Each character is limited to 3 active perks, which can later be switched out. That system is still in development.
You propose your perks based on what your character is good at, things that should, in your opinion stand out.

I would like everyone to come up with their perks and post a character sheet with all the stats in this thread, where we, the officers, will judge the perks, propose adjustments that keep them at reasonable strength. I will begin:

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Re: Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

Post by Zuiquan on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:36 am

Character: Zuiquan Stormwalker


Strength: 6
Agility: 9
Stamina: 5
Intellect: 4


1) Lightning reflexes: Gain an optional re-roll to any combat roll made with a stacking -10 modifier (1st re-roll is -10, 2nd re-roll is -20) that resets on new rolls. Limited to 5 re-roll sequences per event. (Accepted)

2) Chi enhancement: Ability to temporarily double a physical stat with a stacking -5 penalty or double -all- physical stats with an exhaustion penalty following it, granting a stacking -10 penalty to all physical rolls. Exhaustion resets on event completion. (Accepted)

3) Mental fortitude: The extensive mental training monks go through grants a resistance to mind-influencing magic. Gain +40 on rolls against mental attacks, losing 10 from the bonus on each successful save. Resets on event completion. (Accepted)

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Re: Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

Post by Hardale on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:00 am

Character: Godwin Alvingham


Strength: 4
Agility: 10


1)Eagle Eye: During a Perception roll or ranged attack a roll can be made of 5-10 , This total will be added onto the primary roll increasing it. (Accepted)

2)Lone Wolf: When separated from the main group has the option to increase rolls by +10 , Each time this is used a -5 modifier is added to all main rolls(Accepted)

3)Wilderness Hunter: Through hunting animals for food hunters tend to be very agile , Due to this ones agility can be doubled for one turn per event. (Accepted)

This is an interesting idea to which I've thought about before. Will be interesting to see how this goes. As I didn't know what to do for quite a few things I jut winged it. Feel free to mention it and I will edit it out.

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Re: Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

Post by Monrena on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:41 am

------Brightbrand RP Sheet------

Monrena Scaletail

Strength: .5
Agility: .....3
Stamina: ..3
Intellect: ..9


Engeneering Expert (artificer) - Majour

Given that Draenei are a race equipped with advanced crystalline technology, Monrena has had a thousand years of experience working with various forms of technology. She gains a +10 to all rolls related to engineering and artificing

Prankster - Minor

Prankster- Monrena has had millenia to practice the art of pulling pranks, and so has become adept at detecting them. However, she isn't as adept at disarming traps once she's found them. She gains a +10 to detecting traps(perseption rolls), but will have to roll above 60 in order to disarm them.

Mechanical Companion - Minor

Monrena's trusty mechanical squirrel is never too far away. Connected to a complex array of technology and spellwork in Monrena's armour, it can detect when she is in extreme peril. Any defensive roll below 25 can be rerolled at a -20 penalty as Monrena's faithful companion tries its best to protect her! This ability can only be used once in each event."

Perk Points

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Re: Brightbrand Brotherhood RP system.

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